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So, after visiting the beautiful natural sites of Australia like Uluru, seeing the fantastic human-made landmarks like the Sydney Bridge and enjoying the food and the incredible coffee, and getting accustomed to the culture, you are now ready to leave. Your family and friends back home are looking forward to your return. And being that some will be expecting you to bring a souvenir from Australia, what exactly are you going to give them? Keeping I mind that it is also not right to go back empty-handed.

Even though some might not have told you, key chains and magnets are not the kinds of souvenirs that they are expecting from you. These two have long been passed around as souvenirs that they have lost touch. Lucky enough for you, you don’t have to go through the stress of finding the perfect relics from Australia as outlined below are some of the things that you can take to your family and friends back at home to keep as souvenirs from Australia. The only task for you is to make a choice.

Aboriginal designed things

These are items made by Indigenous Artists and Communities’ (IAC) members. These items are diverse ranging from tablecloths to bags. They are made in such unique designs that make them worthy to take home as souvenirs. Furthermore, when you purchase these items from Bulurru Australia, the members of the IAC get royalties for their designs.

Camphor Cutting Board

The camphor laurel cutting boards have a natural antifungal and microbial property that make them one of the cutting boards that are most safe to use. They are handmade in Sydney in a boutique woodworking company in Sydney known as The Wood Life. The Wood Life makes these cutting boards as well as a host of other wooden accessories and homewares that are also hand-crafted. You can get these cutting boards from the company’s website, the Wood Life website, or you can buy them from their stall at The Rocks Markets located on George Street.

The Rocks Markets is open every Saturday and Sunday starting from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The price of these cutting boards ranges from AU$ 35 to AU$ 129 per piece. The Rocks Markets is an ideal location for gift shopping because it has a variety of local cuisine, all the famous landmarks of Sydney just a stroll away and of course, the profusion of local craftsmen.


One thing about Australia is that it is famous for having quality opals. From delicate jewelry to investment gems, Sydney is home to very many different opals. Set expertly in Australian gold, a single pair of opal earrings makes a beautiful gift that is going to be treasured for ages. The magnificent colors of opal are always changing and shifting into with the light revealing new dimensions. Believed to be among the most powerful and precious of all gemstones by the Romans, the price of a pair of opal studs go for from about $AU 79 going upwards. The price depends on the quality and size of the gem. On the other hand, an opal bracelet that is set in gold will go for AU$250 going up. Always make sure that you buy from a trusted retailer for you to get real quality gems.


When it comes to foodstuff, vegemite should be on top of your list. Even though some people might not love it, bringing a jar of vegemite truly shows that you have been down under. This odd, dark brown and thick spread is made out of the leftover brewers’ yeast extract. It has a salty and malty taste that makes it unique and tasty.

Just a tiny amount of this spread is all you need for your toast to have an amazing taste. However, vegemite is not only used in toast, Australians use it in cheese scrolls, in soups and beef stews, on grilled cheese and even on chocolate. So, don’t be afraid to try out these different uses of vegemite.

Macadamia nuts

As the pride of Australian nuts, Macadamia nuts are sweet and buttery and can be found in almost every shop in Chinatown district, Sydney. Whether you want them roasted and canned, chocolate coated or honey coated, you will not be disappointed. The oil, butter or cream retrieved from these nuts can also be found. Apart from being highly nutritious, macadamia nuts contain a lot of essential minerals, nutrients, fatty acids that are beneficial to your skin.

The Haymarket district is where Chinatown is located, just a five-minute walk from Darling Harbour and Sydney Central train station. Chinatown opens every day from early to late and on Wednesday to Sunday, if you go early during the day, you can purchase fresh macadamia nuts from the farmers’ markets at Paddy’s Market, located in the same Chinatown. For a real nutty experience, you can get a whole range of the nuts at The Nut Shop at a price starting from AU$6. The Nut Shop is located just a few distances away from Chinatown, on George Street.

Kangaroo leather

Sydney is the place where you can find some of the best quality kangaroo leather. This leather is carefully crafted into belts, wallets, bags or other goods. The reason why this leather is expensive is because of its one-of-a-kind cross fibre, which makes it possible for it to be split thinly without losing its strength. Among the other leathers with the same weight, kangaroo leather is considered the strongest.

Obviously, the price will depend on the type of leather good you want to buy. For instance, a wallet made out of kangaroo leather goes from AU$29.95 going up. I you want a hand-embossed wallet made of kangaroo leather by a local aboriginal artist, then be ready to part with AU$65. In Sydney, Harrington Street Leather is the place to go for unique leather goods. All the leather is taken from animals that are sustainably farmed under the strict guidelines of the Australian Wildlife Protection Act.


From the items above, it is clear that there are lots of souvenirs to carry home and hence no reason for you to go back empty-handed. From foodstuffs, essential items to unusual gemstones, there is a variety of gifts to pick from. The choice is yours.