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There is no doubt whatsoever that Australia is one of the locations that are fascinating, remote and highly developed at the same time. Endowed not only with human-made beauty but also the natural beauty that is among the wonders of the world, Australia is a captivating travel destination. It not only matches every age, budget, interest or taste out there, but it also delivers unique experiences that can only be found in this beautiful country. From the mythical land to fantastic sightseeing to fabulous aquatic adventures, there’s virtually nothing you cannot do during your stay in Australia.

And of course, one cannot engage in all these activities with an empty stomach. Food has to be part of the arrangement. As a visitor to Australia, you do not have to worry about the place to get a good meal as there are plenty of restaurants offering sumptuous meals at affordable prices. Read on to get to know 6 of the best restaurants in Australia that you have to visit while in Australia.

1) Quay, Sydney

Owned by Leon Fink, Quay is such a great restaurant that it was listed among the top 100 best restaurants in the world. In the list, it was number 27, beating 73 other restaurants in that list. A visit to this restaurant guarantees that you not only enjoy a delicious meal, but you also get to enjoy the amazing view which features the Sydney Harbour Bridge on one end, and the Sydney Opera House on the other end. This is because it overlooks Sydney Cove. What’s more, the menu here is made of both creativity and quality. Here, you can experience dishes such as the Eight Textured Chocolate Cake or the Jackfruit Snow Egg, both made by the highly skilled head chef, Chef Peter Gilmore who runs it.

Have a meal here and you are guaranteed a captivating experience that consists of what modern Australia can offer regarding quality and diversity. Set among the best scenery of Australia, Quay is undoubtedly among the best.

2) Attica, Melbourne

With macadamia nut dip to die for, it comes as no surprise that Attica is among the best in the world. Set in the suburbs of Melbourne, this restaurant also has ten types of basil. It is no wonder that it has featured among the 50 best restaurants in the world. Owned by Chef Ben Shewry and his wife, Natalia, Attica is the place to be when good food is all you are after. Ben Shewry, the head chef, offers tantalizing combinations of various and unique ingredients. In fact, Ben forages some of these ingredients himself close to his home. Describing the food here as delicious is an understatement, the brae at the start of the meal is just incredible. It comes with the best butter and the fantastic macadamia nut dip. The food, the service, and the wine list make Attica a must-try restaurant.

3) Brae, Birregurra

Opened in December 2013, Brae has risen to become one of the best restaurants in the world. Owned by Dan Hunter, this restaurant has an organic kitchen garden which produces most of the ingredients used in the food. The local farms provide the other components. It has an elegant and modern dining room that has a fireplace in one of the corners. On top of the elegance, Brae offers excellent views of the countryside surrounding it.

In 2017, Brae made the list of the worlds best 50 restaurants. One of the desserts served here is the freeze-dried apple with parsnip cone.

4) Est, Sydney

At Est, there’s a perfect balance between old and new. Owned by Peter Doyle, Est has managed to maintain 3 hats status since the year 2013 and since 2007, it has retained 3 Gourmet Traveller stars. This restaurant is both elegant concerning décor and an attentive and harmonious service right from when you set your foot in which has helped it to offer an enjoyable dining experience.

The other fantastic thing about Est is the wine matching which is done beautifully. The fact that Peter Doyle is a legend when it comes to Australian cooking makes this restaurant the place to be for a fine and high-class dining experience. On the seasonally-driven menu, you can find meals such as a steamed Murray cod fillet, snow peas, shaved abalone, oyster mushrooms and ginger-green shallot vinaigrette.

5) Vue de Monde

The name of this restaurant translates to ‘view of the world’. Run by Chef Shannon Bennet, the name of this restaurant depicts Shannon’s ambitious and imaginative view of the world through food and wine. In the year 2007, it received various honors such as the best fine dining Award and the Age Good Food Guides’ award as the restaurant of the year. This restaurant tries to create a dining experience that cannot be replicated at home. The menu here is distinctively based on French cuisine, but it has creative as well as unique and playful interpretations. The décor here is imaginative to make you have that ‘Alice I wonderland ‘feeling as you dine. Items on the menu include the Amuse Bouche which is a white truffle marshmallow served with bluefin tuna and vegetable terrine.

6) Pipers of Penola, Penola

Set in a remote location, this restaurant does not disappoint when it comes to food. Set in a town that has is the heart of a wine district, the Coonawarra wine district, the restaurant is known for producing serious food as well as hearty wines. The service here is also amazing and the dig experience is of quality and up-market. Owned by Simon Bowen who is also the head chef, Pipers of Penola has a history that is soaked in the wine industry as the owner and head chef, Simon, is the son of Doug Bowen who is the founder of the Bowen Estate. What it means is that the restaurant has high expectation to achieve due to this lineage of taste-making in the region. Thankfully over the years, the restaurant has proven that it has the necessary claret needed to back up the happy talk and history.


From the above, it is clear that when it comes to finding a great restaurant, the choices are enormous and the task is only left for you to make. However, making a decision is not necessary as you can visit the restaurant one by one so that you do not miss out.