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Did you think that New Zealand was the only home of coffee? Well, think again. Coffee in Australia is a thing. Even though the indigenous communities in Australia may not have consumed coffee, the culture of Espresso in the country grew because of the coffee shops that were opened by the Greek and Italian migrants.

Today, Australians take their coffee very seriously. Luckily enough the inhabitants don’t have to go far in search of coffee as coffee houses can be found in most areas of the country. Even in the suburbs, you can still find a delicious cup of coffee waiting for you at practically every corner.

When they argue that coffee is so much better in their country, what Australians mean is that the goodness of their coffee is consistent(just how you would have perfected your personal cup of coffee at home on your own espresso machine!). Finding awful coffee in this country is difficult.

The following are some of the best coffee shops in Australia.

1) Pablo and Rusty’s, Sydney

The owners of this café cared a lot about dishing out great black coffee, efficiency or both. This coffee shop located in Sydney has a separate bar dedicated to black coffee only. So, if black coffee is what you are after here, you won’t have to wait for slowpokes ordering cappuccinos or lattes. They have a great espresso machine ordered from amazon. It does not mean that they only offer these too, they do separately. Powered by a bio-generator that keeps it entirely off the power grid, Pablo and Rusty’s is also uber-environmentally aware.

Known as ‘161’ by the residents of Sydney, the coffee shop has grown to become the place to go to for specialty coffee in the city center. Opened in August 2013, the team had a plan of creating a space in the city where one can find excellent coffee, sit and enjoy it with equally impressive food.

2) Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

One great thing about this coffee shop is the airy space. Space is so inviting that you would still want to be here even if not for the coffee. Luckily enough, the coffee is excellent too. The people here know their beans well. Built on the foyer of Paramount Building, this coffee shop is notable for great coffee.

The place is filled with fantastic natural light as well as architecturally striking, with polished concrete, high ceilings, timber benches in elegant black and white subway tiles. Here, beans and roasters are rotated from around the globe every four to six weeks. Green beans are usually sent out to the local brewers so that their interpretation can also be incorporated.

3) Seven Seeds, Melbourne

Seven Seeds proclaims that they source, import then roast and sell what they believe to be among the best coffee in the entire world. In fact, they think that just like any other fruit, coffee is also seasonal. And so what they offer have to change every year. The coffee you found here the last year is one you should expect to see this year; every year has its type of coffee in this coffee shop. For instance, in a particular year, they can have coffee from countries such as Ethiopia, Guatemala and Colombia, and Brazil. Tucked in a location that is not easy to find, this coffee shop also serves excellent food. On the outside, you might mistake it for an n abandoned warehouse in the middle of many construction sites. They roast their coffee outside of the premises, and they provide small individual brews for a particular customer. The food was intriguing and intense flavor, and you can find gluten-free as well as vegetarian dishes.

4) Proud Mary Coffee Roasters, Collingwood

This coffee house is one of those café’s where you can get confused by the menu. It is because their list has numerous coffee varieties to make you feel overwhelmed. However, in if they confuse you, they can get away with it because their coffee is fantastic and they do this without being perceived as pretentious snobs who are not secure.

Based in both Melbourne and Oregon in the United States, Proud Mary was founded by Nolan Hirte. It is a coffee roaster, café, and retailer in Collingwood. On top of this, they manage the Collingwood Coffee College. They offer coffee subscriptions every fortnight, so you don’t have to ever go without coffee in the morning.

5) Pure Boutique Coffee Bar, Adelaide

The thing about Pure Boutique Coffee Shop is s that it’s not just a coffee shop; it doubles as a bar at night. This café, found in Glenelg, offers a variety of coffee blends from around the world. To add, they have a selection of cakes and pastries that are to die for. It was the first venue in Australia to install a cold brew on tap that is charged by nitrogen. Today the café is located in a more massive Jetty Road site, and it still presents a concept that is every ambitious by bringing together an all-day menu and a selection of beers that keep changing including crafty cocktails, beer and of course, coffee.

6) Coffee Alchemy, Sydney

One of the mantras that Coffee Alchemy goes by is that even great coffee can be better. The tinted windows, drawn blinds seem to deter the curiosity of anyone who might be walking past this coffee shop. Were it not for the long queues of coffee enthusiasts that fill its doorway, Coffee Alchemy would have blended seamlessly into Marrickville’s industrial streets.

Owned by Hazel de Los Reyes, a respected figure when it comes to Australian coffee scene, this place has as much space devoted to customers as to the staff and the only décor you are likely to find in this cafe is the few seats. However, Coffee Alchemy makes up for the lack of aesthetic charm by offering brilliant coffee. After all, great coffee is what you are after, right?


From cafes that are well decorated to others that pay little attention to decoration, one thing is for sure, Australia has some great coffee. Frequent visits to some of these visits can likely get you addicted to coffee just because of how excellent the coffee is.