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What comes to the mind of most people when they hear the word Australia is a natural beauty and beautiful landscapes. In fact, Australia is known the world over because of its beaches, deserts, reefs and rock formations and of course the Outback. However, being known for natural beauty does not mean that the country is not urbanized. Australia is one of the most urbanized countries in the world. It is because of its cities such as Sydney Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Sydney and Melbourne are world class cities.

Australia is known for having a strong culture when it comes to sports as well as having a strong wine industry, a society that is multicultural and a thriving foodie scene. But, what stands out the most is its natural beauty. Below are the top ten natural things that you should visit in Australia.

1)Uluru, Central Australia

Uluru is considered a sacred site by the indigenous Anangu people. The Anangu treasure this site such that they even request visitors not to climb the sandstone monolith which stands at 348m above the ground. It is probably the best known natural landmark in Australia and is believed to be about 700 million years old. Uluru is best known as Ayers Rock after Sir Henry Ayers, a name given to it by William Gosse in the year 1873. Nevertheless, Uluru is its Aboriginal name and its official name. This site is famous for the various hues that bathe it, especially at sunrise and sunset.

2)Umpherston Sinkhole, South Australia

Once a typical limestone cave, the Umpherston Sinkhole came about after the collapse of the cave’s roof which was caused by corrosion caused by seawater. Since then, the site was transformed into a gorgeous sunken garden that can be admired both during the day and at night. What’s more interesting about this site is its proximity to Mt Gambier city center.

3)Horizontal Falls, Western Australia

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Located in the Kimberly region, the horizontal falls are some of the most beautiful natural attractions of this region. Unlike any other waterfall, the water in this fall passes horizontally. In fact, Australia is the only country in the world that has horizontal water falls. Even though it is known as a waterfall, in essence, this natural site actually consists of very intense tidal currents that hurl through two coastal gorges that are narrow. The massive tidal movements create the waterfall effect.

4)Kata Tjuta, Central Australia

A neighbor to Uluru, Kata Tjuta is a group of domes that have weathered. These ancient rock formations are found in the flat desert about 30 km from Uluru. These domes make a haven for plants as they rise from the desert. Believed to be about 500 million years old, these rock formations are made up of 36 domes that are spread over a 12.4 miles area. Mount Olga is the highest point of this site. Just like Uluru, this site is also considered sacred by the Anangu people.

5)The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Recognized among the seven natural wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef system in the world and is made up of 00 islands and more than 2900 individual reefs. Best viewed from a recreational kayak. This site is made up of 1500 tropical fish species and 400 various types of coral found in the reef system. It is about 2300km long and is not just an Australian wonder, but a real wonder of the world.

6)Maria Island, Tasmania

An ideal location for those who love to walk, Maria Island consists of white sand beaches that lead you too dense eucalyptus forests and dramatic headlands. This island is also home to unique wildlife. As you walk, forester kangaroos bound beside you. Apart from the forester kangaroos, Maria Island is also home to wallabies, wombats, pademelons, and bandicoots among other wildlife.

7)The 12 apostles, Great Ocean Road

Formed more than 20 million years ago, the twelve apostles is a collection of stacks of limestones found in Victoria. Apart from their magnificent height of up to 70 meters, what makes this site a tourist attraction is also their proximity to one another. Originally 12, these sacks were formed as a result of erosion that is presumed to have occurred over 20 million ago. Now, only eight are remaining as some have collapsed with the latest one having collapsed in July 2005.

8)The Pinnacles, Western Australia

Located about 3 hours’ drive from Perth, the Pinnacles are a large collection consisting of weathered limestone pillars which protrude from the desert-like surrounding. Found in the Nambung National Park, the Pinnacles consist of protrusions that are more than 3 meters high, while others are rounded nodules which are small in size. The Pinnacles had existed for years and are believed to have formed when the ancient sea shells were broken to become lime-rich sands which were later blown inland causing them to cement together and form the Pinnacles.

9)Shark Bay

Also found near Perth, Shark Bay is made up of white dunes, cliffs and rocky limestones that are a sight to behold. The Bay is home to about 10.000 dugongs, dolphins, the most diverse seagrass in the world as well as threatened species. The bay also has numerous shallow peninsulas. According to historians, when the first Europeans landed her, they deemed the bay to be “no good.”

10)The Blue Mountains

Located just two hours on the west of Sydney are the Blue Mountains. These mountains get their name from the blue hue haze that is naturally created by the vast eucalyptus forests found I this site that is recognized as a World Heritage area. The distinctive color is created when the water vapor and sunlight mix with the droplets of oil that are released from the trees. The number of activities that you can engage in when you visit this area is diverse. From abseiling, to guide walks, to hikes and not forgetting rock climbing. The Blue Mountains is a perfect location for lovers of outdoor physical activities.


It is clear that if you are seeking a place where you can experience nature at its best, then you should seriously consider traveling to Australia and visiting the sites named above. Australia is such a rich country when it comes to natural beauty. There are plenty of other natural sites to visit in Australia, and the above are just some of the best natural places in Australia.